Factory Appearance

Shanghai SHWIN Bearings Co,. Ltd has made great effort to introduce the most advanced professional bearing manufacturing equipment,and the capaital investment for this modification almost up to 15 million US dollar.Now,the full automatic NC facilities are widely used in SHWIN  Bearing ,to make us one of the high quality professional bearing manufacturers.The country top class cluster super mill production line ,can insure the quality to be stable at P5 Grade,and the precision deposit-reserve ratio tested to be 90%.
All the full automatic producing line ,make SHWIN  Bearing able to meet multical requirments from customers in cost ,delivery and quality.Further more,after the establishment of our test center,the QC system for Shuaibang is almost completed.We can proudly to say that what we supply is what you purchase,just value-for-money.
For the workshop,SHWIN  now depart to be three areas:tiny bearing area,common bearing area, and special bearing area,cause we deeply know the different markets all over the world and we are aiming to form seamless supply for all the guests who come to us.